Gray’s Auto – OK Tire is honestly driven to provide auto repairs, tires, and wheels from our location in Halifax, NS. Everything we do in our repair facility is aimed at establishing a life-long, trust-based relationship with our customers. We offer passenger tires, ATV tires, trailer tires, RV tires, and lawn and garden tires from Bridgestone, Firestone, Toyo, and more. And, we’ll store your winter tires. Our associations with professional organizations such as OK Tire and NAPA Autopro allow us to service your vehicle to the highest standards available. Our ASE-certified technicians have more than 50 years of combined automotive experience. We do it all – tire rotations and other tire services, inspections, brake service and other general automotive repairs, as well as preventive maintenance, including lube and oil changes.

Your First Visit

We know proper maintenance saves you money in the long run and lets you get the most years out of your vehicle. During your first visit, you can expect:

  • Courtesy Vehicle Inspection: We’ll perform a 25-point free inspection during your first visit and every visit thereafter, so you know where your vehicle stands. In the event our professionals find your vehicle in need of repair or additional maintenance, we’ll provide you with an estimate. You can then let us know when and if to proceed with service; we won’t do anything without your permission.
  • Maintenance Preference: We’ll discuss an ongoing maintenance schedule that suits your vehicle and driving habits. This schedule will then be entered into your customer file.
  • Your Next Visit: We’ll book your next appointment according to the agreed maintenance schedule to suit your availability


Over 80% of our business comes from long standing customers who return for all their motoring needs. We believe by clarifying and living up to your expectations, we will earn your loyalty. Every small business lives or dies by word of mouth referrals. We are driven to ensure your satisfaction. You can count on us to keep your car, small truck, mini-van, or SUV in top shape. Make Gray’s Auto – OK Tire your one-stop shop for auto repairs, maintenance, tires, and lift kits, whether you are from Halifax, Lower Sackville, Dartmouth, or surrounding areas. Schedule your next appointment online today.

Areas Served : Halifax, NS | Dartmouth, NS | Lower Sackville, NS | and surrounding areas

Axle & CV Joint Repair

Your vehicle’s axle and CV joint components are integral to the performance and drivability of your vehicle...

CV Axle Inspection, CV Axle Replacement, CV Boot Replacement, CV Joint Replacement, More

Belts & Hoses

Your vehicle’s belts and hoses are involved in processes within the cooling system, air conditioning system, charging system, and engine...

Heater Hose Replacement, Radiator Hose Replacement, Serpentine Belt Replacement, Timing Belt Replacement

Brake Repair

A fully functioning brake system is crucial to your safety, the safety of your passengers, and the safety of other drivers on the road...

Brake Inspection, Brake Rotor Replacement, Front Disc Brake Repair, Parking Brake Adjustment

Climate Control Systems

A climate control system is a complex system that requires routine maintenance for increased seasonal performance and operation...

Air Conditioning System Diagnostic, Air Conditioning System Service, Heating System Diagnostic, Heating System Service

Cooling System Repair

The cooling system consists of a cooling fan, water pump, thermostat, radiator, heater core, heater valve, and various other parts...

Cooling System Flush and Fill, Cooling System Pressure Test, Replace Radiator

Differential Repair

The differential is responsible for transferring engine power to the wheels. It also compensates for and adjusts to the differences...

Differential Fluid Change, Differential Service

Electrical and Electronic Systems

The electrical and electronic systems in your vehicle are responsible for routing power and information in order to dictate...

Dashboard Warning Diagnostic, Headlight Bulb Replacement, Interior & Exterior Lighting Repair, Power Locks Repair

Engine Diagnostics and Performance

Every vehicle built since 1996 has been equipped with an On-Board Diagnostics System that monitors engine performance...

Engine Diagnostics, Engine Tune-Up

Exhaust System Repair

Located on the underside of your vehicle, the exhaust system is responsible for collecting and directing harmful emissions away from...

Catalytic Converter Replacement, Center Exhaust Section Replacement, Downpipe Replacement, Exhaust Inspection

Four Wheel Drive System

Four wheel drive systems allow all four wheels on a vehicle to spin simultaneously. All 4WD vehicles have a transfer case between the...

Four Wheel Drive Inspection, Hub Service, Transfer Case Repair, Transfer Case Service

Lube, Oil & Filter Change

An oil change and oil filter replacement are one of many preventative maintenance services that help promote maximum vehicle performance...

Lube and Oil Change

Nitrogen Inflation

Nitrogen gas is an alternative to air for tire inflation. Air is made of around 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen...

Nitrogen Tire Inflation

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the care and protection of your vehicle against potential major auto repairs...

Air Filter Replacement, Fuel Injection, Oil and Filter Change, Spring Checkup

Starting, Charging & Batteries

Your vehicle’s starting and charging system is involved in regulating multiple electrical processes to start your vehicle's engine...

Alternator Replacement, Battery Replacement, Starter Replacement, Starting & Charging System Check

Steering and Suspension System

The steering and suspension system on your vehicle is responsible for maintaining comfortable riding conditions and driving performance...

Ball Joint Replacement, Inner Tie Rod & Outer Tie Rod Replacement, Shocks Replacement, Struts Replacement

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Tires operating below inflation standards put the overall performance of your vehicle and the safety of your passengers at risk...

TPMS Repair

Tire Services

Tires are the connection between your vehicle and the surface of the road. Tires are a critical part of your vehicle’s suspension system...

Computerized Wheel Balancing, Tire Purchase & Tire Installation, Tire Repair, Tire Rotation

Transmission Repair

The transmission is the link between the engine and the wheels of your vehicle. Whether you drive a manual, automatic, or semi-automatic vehicle...

Automatic Transmission Repair, Clutch Adjustment and Inspection, Clutch Replacement, Manual Transmission Repair

Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle inspections help to regulate proper vehicle maintenance. They also contribute to safe driving conditions...

Emissions Inspection, Insurance Inspection, Safety Inspection

Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment consists of adjusting the wheels of your vehicle so that all wheels are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground...

Four-Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

Many of today’s wheels are cast or forged and made out of steel, aluminum, or aluminum alloy. Casting consists of pouring liquid metal...

Wheel Purchase & Wheel Installation