Reinforce Safe Driving Habits for Your Children

Smartphones make it easy to stay connected, but they’re also part of a new epidemic in the form of distracted driving. Motorists who text while driving increase the likelihood of an accident and serious injury. Enter DriveCare, the smart car accessory that worried parents and employers use to reinforce safe driving habits.

DriveCare prevents texting or calling* while behind the wheel. It differentiates between a parked car and traffic stopped car plus shows trip data so you can see where your vehicle is located and how it got there.

*911 is always accessible plus several emergency numbers you choose


DriveCare is about teaching safe driving habits through positive reinforcement. Drivers earn points redeemable on coffee cards, movie tickets, and gas coupons.

DriveCare is Peace of Mind & Much More

In addition to safe driving, DriveCare lets you:

  • See where your car is located
  • Learn the route your vehicle took to get to its destination
  • Know who’s driving your vehicle

Gray’s Auto – OK Tire provides DriveCare installation for customers in Halifax, NS, Dartmouth, NS, Lower Sackville, NS, and surrounding areas. Once installed, the safe driving accessory is easy to use

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